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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

[Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora]Novel, Prelude: Chapter II--Kaon's Helix (Part 8)

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"Then, I am counting on you."
I put on the sheet and sit still on the bed, with my body leaning forward and fingers curving. As Absolute Angel, no matter what pose is requested, I can stay put as long as mana has not been completely depleted.

She--Suukei, started waving her brush.

Suukei is her nickname*, a name after the God of Sun in Indian Mythology. Since she feels really shy about her true name, she hopes I can call her by this name instead. (* Rather than a nickname, it's more like a pseudonym. God of Sun in Indian Mythology is Surya (i.e. Suukei in Japanese. More information can be found here. After all, Hi-chan has to be Sun-related, doesn't she? ^_^)

If I am not mistaken, this is a name of a male God, isn't it? I raised my doubts. She replied that she adopted it because she liked the pronunciation.

"Can't I?" Suukei smiled.

No such things at all. If you like it this way, so be it.
Your real name, I will place it deep in my heart. It is my treasure, I will cherish it dearly.

Suukei-- what an elegant name.

"Then, once again, I am counting on you, Suukei."

When I called her so, she gave me a bashful grin.

Black as a crow moistening its feathers; white as white china; blue as water in a lake. Infinite colors blend together and have overflowed. On the canvas, my figure is slowly forming into its shape.

These are the colors of this world.

And it's not black and white. This world is filled with colors, sounds and brightness.
Such as-----
The green we see when two of us stroll on a small road. The sound of stream when we cross the river. The twinkling of stars we watch at night. Grass, trees, soil, water, birds, fire and wind, everything has their own pleasure.

The world where the two of us dwell in is so wonderful. All my senses are being satisfied. How can I even describe such happiness? I don't really know.

Suukei kept her brush dancing.
At these times, the gaze that she casts on me--and me exclusively-- is extremely passionate, which makes me very, very pleasant.
Suukei's eyes are usually placid, only now can I see her strong emotions and her keen look.
Like pure blue flames burning silently.

In fact, I don't know much about painting.
Suukei says it's like something is exploding from inside. But it is hard to put that "something" into exact words.
As I thought, these concepts are still too hard for me to understand.
No, even if I don't understand, it's not a big deal.
Suukei's work is absolutely important.
Myself drawn by Suukei. Murakumo no Kaon.

Just trying to imagine what kind of painting it would be, I could hear my loud heartbeat.
By her own rhythm, Suukei kept moving her brush.
Just then, almost unbelievably, she showed a troubled face for the first time.
"No matter which color I use, Kaon chan's image would be covered."
Sorry, it was my request in the beginning, but...
So she said, and then I saw her falling into frustration and sullenness.
And I, too, grew annoyed at myself who couldn't give her any suggestions.

I couldn't just sit still anymore.
I tried dropping the mana from my body like water droplets onto Suukei's drawing tools.
After that, Suukei turned quite cheerful.
"Yes! This is THE color I want!"
Suukei happily and innocently hugged me and cried out such words,
Looking at her, I couldn't help but think, if this were the real correct way to use mana, then I would have been so fortunate to be Absolute Angel.
Isn't it ridiculous and silly that I even thought so, for things like this? Yet I couldn't help but feel happy about it.

As my thoughts wandered, time passed and the sun sunk below the horizon.
Suukei put down her brush.
"Kaon chan, let's call it a day."
"Is it done already?"
"It will be fine. According to the current speed, we have plenty of time to finish it."
The initial honor form in the conversation now has disappeared. (* Suukei was using honor form speaking to Kaon chan in the beginning, which can't be easily shown in English)
This is the best proof that we have become closer.

Even after sunset, our time together wouldn't end.
Brief dinner time, and tea time following it.
Chatting in front of the furnace innocently.
Then at night, the two of us squeezed together into the same small and narrow bed. (*ah, my nose is bleeding)
So cramped......Suukei blushed and said sorry.
I embraced her. (* Someone call 911 for me please--)

Why do I love Suukei so much?
Why can't anyone else do, like my master, Mika sama?
Anyone would agree.
No matter what to compare, beauty, body proportion, wisdom, class, leadership, or power.
Suukei is not as good at any as Mika sama.
That is undeniable, but why?
Because she saved me?
No, that can't be the answer.
Because Mika sama is the one I owe my own life to.
She has even spent vast money and technologies, just to raise my abilities to the best.

Or am I attracted by Suukei's talent of drawing?
No, Mika sama has plenty of such mistresses.
They have been ordered to paint my portraits, and hang them up in Mika sama's private room.

Then is it her shining eyes? Her sweet voice? Her clumsy action? Or her slender figure?
No, it’s none of those.
Though even the thought is scary, but even if Suukei lost any of above, I…I would not have changed my love for her.

Why does it have to be Suukei, this petite, shy girl with shortcomings?


As I thought so, I reached to the side of pillow.
A picture book that Suukei made in her childhood was placed on the bookshelf.
The name of the book is “The Gold Axe and the Silver Axe”.
When the spirit of the spring asks the boy to take one back, he chooses not the gold axe nor the silver axe, but only his own iron axe. (*an iron axe and Hi-chan? Physically, I can't imagine them been alike ^ ^a)
To me, who has no childhood at all, this is fresh and interesting, but somehow also nostalgic.

Suukei is the missing piece of my heart.
Not to anyone else, only belonging to me.
That is something absolutely certain.
Destiny----maybe it is a cliched word, but I just can’t help thinking like that.
No matter how many incarnations we go through, we will for sure meet each other. No no, so far the two of us have been, and we will, too, in the future.
Yes----this must have been our destiny.
That’s why I can’t let go, and I don’t want to go.

So I pray in my heart.
May the cool breeze go on.
May we become even closer.
May we share each other's warmth.
And may I----stay as her angel.
God bless us.

(Part 8 fin)


Kaon chan is the biggest fan girl of Himiko-- or Suukei, according to her own wish :P

This part is the sweetest among the entire chapter, even more than KnM episode 10. However, this also means, the angst will start soon O_Q

I hope you liked it.


Anonymous said...

*fangirls your translations*

I sure loved it - both the content(OMGAWWWNOSEBLEED) and your translation ^_^ Thank you so much.

lethe said...

Thanks for your encouragement ^ ^
I feel all charged!