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Sunday, March 11, 2007

[Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora]Novel, Prelude: Chapter II--Kaon's Helix (Part 7)

Lethe's Note:

The second half is up, after all ^ ^a Part 8 will be shorter, and part 9 really short. As least I won't be as busy next week...

Please don't distribute without my permission.


The sound of sizzling oil and the morning sunlight woke me up.
Different than that time. I am wearing a white shirt on myself right now.
Because it is her clothes, I feel a little tight around my chest.
It smells like flowers bathed in the sun.
Is this her smell?

I am getting up and starting to search for her.
In the kitchen, she is turning a frying pan.
It wasn't just a dream.

In the morning sunlight, she is wearing a white apron.
How can this scene be--so splendid?
A natural smile occurs from the curve of her lips, and it seems that she hasn't even realized it herself.
Her fluxing hair, her shining sweat, and her rosy cheeks.
All are very energetic.
I can watch you like this forever, you know.

When she noticed me, she stopped her hands, her face completely reddened.
"Ah, ah...ah...ano"
She fixed her position, backing up a little and bowed to me,
Like a puppy, or a child.
So very cute.
"Good...good morning."

This is the first time I hear her voice.
It is a voice clear and pure that splits the sky, a voice sweet as honey from flowers, like music to my ears.
" do you feel? Do you feel pain anywhere? Em, I can't call a doctor here, and I should have gone to the town, but...the road has been..."
"It's OK. I am fine."
Words have escaped my mouth just like that. Till now, I've had no other conversations with anyone but Mika sama.
So this is what is called a "conversation". And the wish to communicate with someone.

"Really, are you sure?"
"Yes, I am sure."
It is the truth.
When I woke up this morning all fresh and clear, I have known it.
This is a peaceful morning without blur.
Therefore, I smiled at her with gratitude.
"Thank you for saving me."
She smiled quite happily.

Just then, her stomach made a small noise.
Is it because now she is relieved and at ease now?
"Sono...ano...excuse me..."
Hiding her face behind the apron, she apologized.
Please don't worry, I will never laught at you.
"Let's have breakfast"

And so she and I enjoyed our breakfast.
The bread was a little overcooked and burned,
The scrambled egg was a little too sweet.
The salad had a little too much water in it.
It is not even comparable to what Mika sama has shown me in the best restaurants.
Plus, I don't even need food.

However, I am delighted.
Because she cooked it for me.
If I use the phrase "very delicious" to express my feelings, that must be the right words. But I would like something more than that.
I asked if I could prepare the black tea after the meal.
Though it was my first time making it, she kept saying it was wonderful, which made me very happy.

She started to inform me of the current situation.
I am in a lake house among Academia's forest.
She is a student at North 61 School of Art, and she is staying here to work on an art to be shown in the Academia Festival. (*The same festival in episode 8.)
"So you are... an artist."
"No no, I am not professional. It is just something I like to do."
So she said, smiling.

She went on.
She has lost her parents since she was little, and grown up all by herself. Drawing and painting are the things she has confidence in.
She was walking by the lake, looking for some inspiration, when she found me floating along the river.
In order to catch me, she lost her cell phone in the river. The road was also blocked due to accidents, so she couldn't return to the town.

Such a slender body.
Trying her best, all for my sake.
All those mudded lounge and torn sleeves.
Obviously they are because of me.

"It is all my fault. I am sorry."
"Those ...those things don't matter, not at all."
She anxiously shakes her hand to deny it.
"Ah, I am sorry, I say things silly...what should I do, I, don't communicate well with people...but even so..."
"No, that's not true."
Anything you say, any sound you make, are really, really wonderful.
No matter how many times, I'd like to listen to it.

"Sono...etto, why are you here?"
To her question, I relied with a lie.
When I was travelling light by myself in Academia, I slipped and fell into the river, everything rushed away by the flow.
If thinking it over, anyone would know it is a lie.
However, she listened to it carefully as if it were true.
I struggled in between the guilt of telling her a lie and the wish of being accepted without doubts.

Absolute Angel, Mika sama, drawing people's mana.
I couldn't bring myself to tell her any of these truths.
Why is that?
I am Mika sama's Absolute Angel, now that I am fine, I should have returned immediately.
I should have.
Why would I do something like this?
As I kept on speaking, I was asking myself this question.
I don't dislike that girl. (*Kawaii Kaon chan. To like is to like, she had to say "I don't dislike". That's just cute Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting)
I want to be with her.
----Therefore, at last.
"If it doesn't bother you, can I stay here for a little while?"

So I said.
Would it be allowed?

"There is plenty of food and water, and it is also convenient without luggage. And, really, ..."
"We have just met. It would be a shame to part like this immediately..."
"Why is that?"
"Because...your hair, your style, your everything is so pretty, sparkling like a miss, a princess-- no, almost like a real angel."
Her face was red to her ears. Yet, she was trying her best to express herself.

"Last night, sono, I seem to have dreamed..."
"A dream, what kind?"
"In it...sonoo...we...we two..."
"We two?"
"I am sorry. I mustn't have been clear-minded."
She bowed as she spoke.

It must be the kiss.
Of course she would react like that. Who would have thought that she would be kissed by someone she met on the first day, and also a girl?
It can't be helped. I am the bad one.
Maybe just a, though bad, it's still better not to tell her anything right now.
One day, when two of us have spent days together and gotten closer, I will tell her the truth and apologize to her.
When that time comes, will she allow me to do it?
Our kiss will be connected with heartbeats from both of us -- will that day ever arrive?

"In any case, I was thinking--if this person could become my figure drawing model, how beautiful would the picture be..."
"Do you want me to be your model?"
"Ah, I am sorry! Saying such a weird thing out of nowhere, I..."
"It's OK. I would like to."
"Just take it as my appreciation for letting me staying here. The is the least I can do for you."
"But, is it really OK?"
"Thank you very much!"

She beamed happily, ah ah,--as dazzling as the sun.

"Then, nice to meet you, etto..."
Talking about which, I haven't self-introduced yet.
"Murakumo Kaon." (*Murakumo would be the last name, in the way Kaon introduced herself.)
"Kaon... Kaon...chan?"

It was the first time I have been called so.
Though from a small and clumsy tongue, it sounded so warm, so nostalgic, as if it had been determined a thousand years ago.
I felt really, really happy about it.

"Ah, I am sorry to call you 'chan' all of a's impolite"
She apologized again.
"That's fine. You can call me the way you want to."
"I'll be happier that way, too. Please."
"I, I understand."

She answered awkwardly.
I don't want her to be so rigid and uncomfortable.
Am I that scary?
I feel a little uneasy.
I will be gentle, be even gentler, as if wrapping a butterfly in my palms.

"What is your name?"
"Ah, that's right...ano, I am..."
For some reason, she withdrew herself again.
"What's the matter?"
She told me in a diminishing voice.
In the past, unsympathetic classmates made fun of her name, and since then she hasn't been used to introducing her own name in front of people.
It may be a laughingstock for anyone, but it is very important to her.

"I see...I guess that can't be helped then..."
It can't be helped. I don't want to oppose her wish.
"...No...I will tell you. I would like you to know it."
That must be the proof of her kindness and trust.
"Thank you."
Words jumped out of my mouth.
Even when I was talking to Mika sama, that blur implies that those words, always carefully chosen, are all lies.
The real ones would flow like this.
Yes, these must be what I have truly wanted to say, what I have truly in my heart.

In a voice that I could hardly hear, she told me her real name.
A plain, ordinary name, yet very suitable for her.
I carved happiness into her name.
More than Mika sama's, more than my own, I would always, always respect this name.

I sealed the hut with my mana field.
To separate dimensions is also one kind of powers Absolute Angels have.
What is in this field will not be detected by anyone outside.
This will do.
From now on, this will be my--our home.
And so, our daily life has begun.

(Part 7 fin)


Uetake Sumio (植竹須美男) san, the series design for Kannazuki no Miko as well as Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, is the author for this novel. And certainly, I can feel his love for Chikane/Himeko or Kaon/Himiko pair in the novel. It is too bad that both Kaishaku (the manga author) and KnM staff would like to make a KnM sequel, but it is somehow against the company's policy and the request was turned down.

Being supporting actresses in Kyoshiro anime, the past of those two can hardly be displayed----and even Himiko gets a little more screen time than the previous yuri-queen (2006 yamibo yuri champion). A long sigh for Kaon chan. I'll cross my fingers for the moment when they decide to make Kaon's Helix into OVA... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

OK, complaints aside. Back to the novel, after all, Uetake san didn't tell us the real name of Himiko, only Kaon chan knows. There are again, many details we can refer to KnM. Like "a thousand years ago" has to do with miko's reincarnation, Chi...Kaon being called "chan" at the first time they meet, Himiko feeling awkward about it ^_^

I've found it interesting that Kaon chan lied about herself in order to be with her Himiko. After all, no one ever taught her how to lie, and I don't think any other Absolute Angel, given this situation, would think so far to lie about it. Of course I understand her feelings in this case. Still, the power of love is surely amazing Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Anonymous said...

Amazing, Koan-chan is so cute. Keep up the good work and thank you. ;)

lethe said...

Yep. Kaon chan's also more assertive in the novel than in the anime. An explanation comes later for that.

Faith said...

Kaon makes "lying" to be the most romantic "ways to court a girl" in all the yuri-love history:p

lethe said...

>Kaon makes "lying" to be the most romantic "ways to court a girl" in all the yuri-love history:p

She could have made a lie of "I am an angel who descended only to meet you", and Hi-chan would have believed in that ^ ^a