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Thursday, February 22, 2007

[Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora]Novel, Prelude: Chapter II--Kaon's Helix (Part 1-2)

Lethe's NOTE:

These are mainly 2nd translation from Faith's (later it will include Yaoyue's as well) Chinese translation of Kyoshiro novel, combined with some direct translation of the novel by myself. None of us is interested in non-Kaon-Himiko part of novel, so be aware that these are not necessarily full translations, only focusing on the sun, the moon, the torturing SM queen, and a blond peeper, that's it XDDD It's quick and dirty this time, so don't hesitate to tell me where do I suck ___Orz

We don't own this and buy the Japanese book if you like it. It's not expensive, if only you can read Japanese...

Please don't post this anywhere without my permission.


I have awakened, from inside the light. This is where I've always been.

The initial volume of mana maxed at 45.01, even at the state of Stability A.
This Forge room of Absolute Angels is my bedroom.
Spells mixed with mechanical noises. Hot air, wind and faint scent.
Myself in the mirror shows a figure with black hair, white china-like skin, slim wrists and full breasts.

Long legs.
Dark eyes.
Scarlet lips.
Even and perfectly distributed body.

This is only a shell of human.
I am not one, nor have I human blood or flesh.
Human can not jump vertically over tens of meters.
Human can not cut through moving machines with their natural strength.
Human can not cure their wounds instantaneously.

I am Light; the Light named Mana.
This look is only a reflection of Angel's--Absolute Angel's light in its most stable form.

I am--
I am Kaon.
Absolute Angel, Murakumo no Kaon.

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Born at Seven-Day-Ashes (*seven-day-hot-snow literally), one fragment of Absolute Angels.
A sword existing for its master.
Kaon of the moon's helix.
The figure standing at the observatory staring across, she is the executive manager of Absolute Angel Bureau.
My sacred master, Ayanokoji Mika sama.

"I am in awe to see you, Mika sama."
"You may. Raise your head."
A solemn voice descends from high above, a declaration from the absolute owner.
Given permission, I slowly look up.


I have the five senses just like humans. --To see, to feel, or to taste--I have all these abilities.
Certainly, I am also aware of how genuinely comfortable a human being feels when showering.
But none of those special ones, happy or unhappy feelings exist.
Even if I am surrounded by numerous video recording systems when cleansing, naked, I never feel shameful.
The feelings that human naturally possess, are all absent in me. I feel nothing.
Delight, anger, panic, doubt...those things that make human hearts race, have nothing to do with me.

If there's nothing that I possess, I won't even have the power to feel.

For example, the experiment may succeed, or it may fail. But I, for sure, wouldn't feel a thing.
I would only think "So it goes like this..." and that will be it.
Then, I'll obey my master's order and return to my usual place.

If, if only there is something that I could have.
This blur will also...

This field (*as in physics, force field) is all surreal.
I can only feel, hear and touch this world through this blur.
What is it that I am missing right now?
Through the deepest spot in my chest, a root I call "existence" pierced and left an abysmal crack.

Therefore, I don't have any strong affections.
No wishes that I would sacrifice my life for.
Even I myself do not know the reason for it.
However, that must have been why my mana is always unstable.

(part 2 fin)


Jen said...

Hi! ^_^ It's really great to see someone translating the novel. I've managed to buy a copy of the novel but needless to say I've no idea what's going on as I can't read japanese. :(

A nice thank you to you for being so kind as to bring people like me translations of it. *^-^*

I got the novel solely because of Himiko/Kaon. Could you help me out, if it's not too much to ask, by telling me what are the chapters that consist of the Himiko/Kaon parts so I know what to look out for?

Thanks again! ^^

lethe said...

Hello, Jen. Thank you very much for coming ^_^

I've been out of town for the last weekend, or else I'd have had part 3 out by now, at least. The prelude is full of Kaon/Himiko. In Kaon's Helix. That is, from chapter 1-14, except for 11 (which is missing, for what looks like a techinical reason). Setsuna's chapter 4, and the interlude (Mika's chapter) are also concerning those two and a must-read.

It's a big job for me, but I'll continue to translate all of them as long as people like you keep supporting me like this ;-)

Jen said...

Hi Lethe, thank you again for helping me out. ^_^

This is going to sound rather exparating but how do you identify the chapters you mentioned?(Prelude, Kaon's Helix, Setsuna chapter 4 and Mika's interlude) ^^"

Take your time on the translations! It's already decent of you to be working on them when you have so much on your plate.

Jen ^^

lethe said...

Sure, Jen, there will be no problem.
Kaon's helix (Chapter II)goes from page 67-136, Mika's chapter (interlude II) follows from page 137 to 152, and then Setsuna's goes from p242-253.

>when you have so much on your plate.

^o^ (curiously) What do I have on my plate?