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Friday, February 9, 2007


As I thought, episode 7 of Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora is probably one without Chi...Kaon triad. (correction: there has been a split second of surprised Kaon... ok, maybe it'll again be a 1-2min show that I care? let's hope that...)

offcial preview

It certainly connects with the ridiculous manga, that Kuu strips herself = =|||
Not I care about episode 7 that much = =++

I can't type Chinese as I am out of town right now... But I DO have a little bit more to say about Kaon, Himiko and Mika. Whatever lies behind the complicated relationships among those three, I myself admit that Mika DOES love Kaon. She loves Kaon as an "absolute angel", while Himiko loves Kaon as a real human with blood and flesh. In return, Kaon also loves Himiko as much as a human being could ever be, and can only react to Mika's devotion as an absolute angel. Mika's love is twisted, selfish, demanding and desperate; but I call it love, because if not, I cannot think of another word to better describe it.

A thousand people may have a thousand ways to express their love, and Mika's way is to tear Kaon from her love, rip her of her feelings as a human, bring up her fighting ability and perfect her as the ultimate absolute angel. Now you see it's doomed love, since it's a demon's way of doing things. We always try to find a balance in making ourselves happy or make our love happy; a saint may reach the limit for the latter, while the jerks only do the former. Mika sama is one of those. And the rest of us, usually swing in the middle. When the love is mutual, that's the best 'coz there will be no problem. But if an unrequited love happens, what can ever be done? Sigh... I was asking myself a few days ago.

I myself will probably act like Otaha san. Not able to see my love suffer, nor capable of leaving her; try to make her happy in achieving what she wants, on the other hand being jealous of her love to death; feeling happy of being close to her, yet suffering constantly from a desire never fulfillable. Ahh........judging from this, I must have some M element in my inner layer (Lol~~)

Ok, this is quite unrelated, but Happy Valentine's~ XDD


再过10几个小时就该上飞机了,有100件事情该做的时候我偏偏选择了来写日志= =|||

第6话其实是三华的一话。扑克脸的歌音、苦瓜脸的日美子, 两人在这话的存在感都及不上这位之前被叫做变态大婶的SM女王样。特别是歌音在这话的刻画更是单薄,除了耍酷根本没有其他(<---不用怀疑,说话的这人是歌音的发烧迷)。

日美子的三声かおんちゃん叫得好动情,下屋你想这样的机会很久了吧!!(指)想没想起神无月第9话末尾,姬子抱着紫色巫女服叫的一声声“千歌音ちゃん”? 回去重听啦~www

说到这个,另一个dé·jà vu是空吊着的那几个镜头,好像姬子在银月之岚某事件之后的成熟性感而又呆滞的模样啊!!<---这人脑袋里都装了些什么^ ^;;

此话之后,三华的人气一定大涨。老实说我很喜欢田中敦子的声音--御姐控一只,所以这一话之后就越发难恨起她来了。 不仅是女王样,自恃身份,而且又是执著而痴情的人,比起弃刹那如蔽履的京四郎,说着“一定要让你爱我”(x4)的三华,着实形成了鲜明的对比。

可惜无论是谁介入小月(谁?)和小日之间,都只能是永远的第三者。说小日“什么都不如自己?” 错!!你能画出那让人挪不开视线的一副副素描吗?你能让歌音露出由衷的笑容吗?更重要的是,你能在关键时刻作回“受”吗?(爆)



ps:下话不出所料的话应该和漫画一样,空痛苦--献身--被拒绝--泪奔(笑)--京四郎找到告白--刹那看到--一夜大boss出现--7话完。 让我们祈祷歌音3人出现那么一下下吧(苦笑)


ケン said...

與其期望月球三人組(誰?)戲份多一點,我倒是希望別爛尾- -b

lethe(忘川、小忘) said...

合体肯定是会发生的= =|||