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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

[Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora] Novel, Chapter II, Interlude (the first half)

First of all, I am amazed at you people who keep coming to my BLOG for the update of this novel translation everyday(?). After all, it has been like 3 and a half months since I last updated it. How can you guys have such confidence that I would actually do it at all? Lol~

What I mean to say is, thank you!

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The reforging room was filled with the constant lights and the running sound of machines.

She stood alone in front of her angel, face to face.

She is Ayanokouji Mika, the chief of the Absolute Angel Administrative Bureau.

The one who has been sleeping in the culture medium was her angel.

Her beauty is more dazzling than the sun and more brilliant than the moon.
The Sword Angel, Murakumo.

Her perfect merits and golden proportion must have been a gift from God, well worthy of the pursuit of Ayanokouji family for generations, an ideal existence –Absolute Angel.

When Mika saw such looks for the first time, her heart had been pierced through instantaneously.

This was the image Mika has been dreaming of.

Not belonging to anyone else, but only to her—a second dream.

When she was small, she once had a secret relationship with a girl in the middle school.

She and her special one read poems together, shared dreams with each other, and swore their friendship would last forever.

In this tough world which rendered nothing but repetitive competitions to Mika, this mysterious girl soon entered the gap of Mika’s heart.

She had those eyes calmer than the windless sea, and a heart without desire to compete or win, but strong and persistent to withstand any storm.

Mika fell to her charms.

Like a sister, like a mother, so nice and gentle.

Crossing their fingers tightly, their faces flushed the same crimson color, their chests singing high.

She taught Mika every first experience, such as the desire to have her voice heard by someone special and the awkwardness of being unable to choose a present.

There were too many reasons to put into words. Just one and only embrace carved her soul deep into Mika’s body.

That was love.

She and Mika together weaved the golden fall.

And then---

She was robbed away from Mika, together with the lost autumn by the white devil. Her first love.

When she had the same feelings once more, it was during the days of Seven-Day-Hot-Snow, which burned down the world.

Mika was also pulled into that disaster.
All adults around disappeared, Mikas was wandering alone in the street aimlessly.
Fire and smoke gradually corroded her eyes.
She and a few other injured were sent to a nearby clinic, however, not being noticed as an Ayanokouji, she was assigned to a mere bed to rest in.

The equipments were awful, and no one would tend to her even if she moaned.
Mika had to stay there.
Not only the despairing pain, but also the lonesome darkness assaulted her.
Despite having an excellent mind, double knowledge of common people, she was lost in what she should do at such situations.
Horrible, horrible, horrible.
She would die alone like this.
Die alone.

She kept trembling, fearing so. And just then--
Someone held her hand.
For sure, it was a human.
So she was not alone any more.
To make sure that it was true, Mika strove to collect all the strength left in her.

”It is over now”

Sweet and clear, it was a voice so tender, a voice from angel that could enlighten people’s hearts.
”The doctor is coming soon”
Mika turned her face to where the voice came from.

What appeared in the dusk, vaguely as if through a layer of protection glass, was almost—an angel.
Relieved tears slid off Mika’s cheeks.

”You will be fine now.”

The angel grasped Mika’s hand tight in hers.
So tight, so tight as if it was a proof that she would never let go.
To Mika, that was the same as being hugged by an angel.
In total relief, Mika fell to a deep sleep.

When she woke up, Mika has been sent to a general hospital. There, her identity of being a member of Ayanokouji family was discovered and hence transferred to a bigger hospital with better equipments.
Since then, Mika has been looking for the owner of those hands and that voice.
However, right after the disaster, everything was in complete disarray. Vast information became lost, and no witness was present. It was literally impossible to find someone without her name or looks.

What that person had left with Mika was only her most tender voice.

Even nowadays, when Mika recalls that day, her heart still rumbles the same.
Those hands, that rosy smell are so nostalgic.

As soon as she saw Murakumo, Mika’s heart was pierced through.
The image of the angel that Mika has been developing in her mind since then, easily overlapped with that of Murakumo.
Taking it as a second encounter of them, Mika was determined to perfect Absolute Angel.

The light in Mika’s heart was finally lit.
How long has it been forgotten?
The blazing flame of love in this chest.
The Angel has returned to her, after all.

Gazing at sleeping Murakumo with her regretting eyes, Mika engraved her looks in her mind. Thinking.
I will not let you go any more.
Nor will I let anyone take you away from me.
Nobody, no fate can deprive me of you.
This time, this time absolutely.

Since then, the ten years of Mika could be called the history of Absolute Angels’ rebirth.
On the day Seven-Day-Hot-Snow started, the broken mana pieces turned into four shooting stars and landed in different places of the country.
Ayanokouji family then recruited search teams to investigate thoroughly in any possible sites.
What they found were three girls and a mysterious light ball.

Claimh Solais.

And, the lost Absolute Angel Megin Gjord.

According to their unique destructive powers, they each had a different name of a sword.
To investigate and recycle them, a special research lab was established.
Some facts were then revealed.
These girls were not human.
The unknown Unlimited Energy, --Eternal Mana was spit into four, hence the Angels were born.

As the nation’s calling for reconstruction became louder and louder, Ayanokouji’s family fully supported the research, despite knowing that they were the origin that burned down the world and how dangerous it was to study them.
The reason why they failed to rid off the disgrace of human kind was simply that Absolute Angels were too lovely and dazzling to give up.
As time went by, the research slowly continued.
In the spring when Ayanokouji Mika turned 15, she was assigned to the research lab.
On that destined day, everything started from then.

(end of the first half)

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