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Friday, May 23, 2008

[news] AnimExpo & Otakon this year

The fact that I still haven't finish writing about those two conventions of last year shows that: 1. I've become much lazier; 2. my passion for other CVs is far less than that for Kawasumi Ayako san. Although lately I start to feel it coming back a little-- the possibility of ever writing it... don't hold your breath for it. And YES, the fact that I am writing in English again is that I am slacking off during work __________orz

I just find out earlier today that AnimExpo this year invited Jyukai (樹海) for concert, who indeed interest me for Anata ga Ita Mori, Fate/Stay Night's end song ( I just realized this was their debut @_@). They are still renewing their list, but it's good to see the familiar names like Shōko Nakagawa(中川 翔子), Toshihiko Seki(関 俊彦) on there. No seiyuus particular yet for my liking, though.

Somehow Otakon always beats it though, at least in my mind. The fact JAM project (including Masamitsu Hidaka (奥井 雅美)) is holding a concert is much more exciting for me, -imagine Rinbu-Revolution & Get Along! And just earlier today, on Kappei Yamaguchi (山口 勝平)'s birthday, they announced his first American visit on their homepage. it seems like Otakon is more old-fashioned than AnimExpo in general-- sure, you go get the hottest stars last year, and we'll get the hottest 10 years ago --LOL~

Well, does that mean I belong to the older generation already? Hem, probably. As I realized not too long--maybe one year ago, sure I like seiyuu younger than me too, but for me to be able to truly admire them, they have to be older than me, or at least about the same age. I never realized that until f mentioned that. For CVs around my age, I sometimes feel a special attachment to them, while for the younger ones, I either think them cute, nonchalant, or irritating for no real reasons ^ ^bbb I guess that's my kinda "outgrowing" the seiyuu fetish.

Although I like Otakon2008 more than AX2008 so far, but the fact I am still in LA just makes it so much easier to go to AX. Sigh... at times like this, I still think my heart belongs to the east coast... Who knows. Maybe this year I'll end up not going to any of them = = Let's wait and see who else they bring.


ff said...

Hahaha, thanks for referring to me!
I was so sad to find out Juri Ueno was born in 1986 = =!She is soooo young that I can't grow an admiration
to her...

lethe said...

Well, she has my respect for being able to do both Nodame and Ruka :)