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Sunday, February 3, 2008

[Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora] Novel, Chapter IV, The moment of Setsuna, Part 4

Well, I've finally finished the entire Kyoshiro Novel translation project before the Lunar New Year ^ ^;;; I don't know if there are still people around waiting for this one, but I guess it's better late than never ^ ^b

To say my thanks to the people who read all the way till the end, I've added a small omake of KnM at the end. Wish you all the best of luck and abundant yuri intake in the first year of Rat in the 21st century!

Please don't distribute without my permission.

Chapter Four—The moment of Setsuna

Part 4

It is at a fountain surrounded by fine grassland in Central Park, RI section of Academia.
Two girls are sitting next to each other on the bench.
One has black long hair and a purple coat.
She is Murakumo.

I am hiding on top of a well-branched tree and spying on them.
The distance in between is about 50 meters.
Despite the horrible visibility, my senses allow me to judge even in the darkness.
Kyoshiro is 30 meters further away.

He is collecting information, and I keep supervising the situation.
Who is that girl with a red ribbon on her hair, sitting next to Murakumo?
She doesn’t look like one of Ayanokouji Mika’s mistresses. Or is she a new-comer?
I think she’s probably just someone to supply mana.
However, she’s trembling. Is she afraid?
There is one shared coat on both of their knees. What’s that for?

A re, Murakumo has turned her head to the other girl.
She wants to hold her hand? Ah, the other girl clutches back.
Murakumo’s eyes look so gentle.
I do know this is a way called skinship that human girls use to express their likings to each other, a proof of being friends.
But is it possible between an Absolute Angel and a human?

I don’t have a friend, so it’s really hard for me to understand it.
Is it Ayanokouji Mika’s order?
However, it doesn’t look like being forced.
Or is that girl actually trying very hard to gain Murakumo’s strong support, so that she will be able to be promoted to higher status as a mistress?

No. Something is not right, neither that girl nor Murakumo.
I can’t understand it at all.
As if agreeing with me, my bell has rung.
I accumulate mana to my ears, and girl’s conversation comes in.

”Kaon chan, what will happen to those people?”

Those people? Mobile Discipline?
What will happen? What kind of situation? At least not to get all killed?

”Don’t worry, Himiko. I will plead to Mika sama for them and ask for forgiveness.”

So Himiko is the name of that girl.
But why is Murakumo treating her so tenderly?
Is it like an older sister’s affection toward a younger sister?
No---it’s different---it should be something even denser and deeper than that. I can feel it, it’s getting close.
For example, romantic love.

Love in between two girls?
I did hear that Mika tends to like girls more.
But, this cannot be true.
Because it is in between an Absolute Angel and a human.

“The task went smoothly this time, too, and I am sure that this plead will be granted.”
”En, you are right.”
Himiko falls into silence.
Though siding with Mika, she is still worrying for Mika’s enemy, Mobile Discipline? Why is that?
I can’t quite understand.
I’ll tell Kyoshiro about it later.

“Anosa, Kaon chan, is it really OK like this?”
Himiko asserts herself, as if with great resolution.
”Don’t worry about it.”
“But lately we haven’t…I haven’t provided mana to Kaon chan at all.”
”It’s fine. The enemies tonight were no match for me.”
”But…..if it is about me, I am really OK with it. I will be fine.”

So this is it, I understand.
This girl is voluntary to supply mana to Murakumo, and that is why it looks different.
However, what is the reason for that? Order?
“But, Kaon chan, if we don’t, Mika sama will……”

Ah, just as I have guessed. It’s Mika’s order.

Murakumo’s expression is twisted into deep depression.
If it is an order, why is she so painful?
“So, Kaon chan……”
Himiko is approaching Kaon’s lips.
Those lips are first taken by Kaon’s finger.
“I am sorry……not yet, next time.”
Murakumo shakes her head.

I am totally shocked throughout my body.
Murakumo is disobeying the will of her Accomplice, Ayanokouji Mika.
How can this happen?

No, it is impossible.
It is impossible that that girl’s existence is superior to that of the Accomplice.
Absolutely, completely impossible.
Is it some critical miss in the adjustment? Or is this some sort of experiment?

”I think, very soon, Mika sama will take some big actions. It will be inevitable to fight other Absolute Angels…… I will have to rely on you then, Himiko.”
”Kaon chan”

Massive mana is needed for big battles.
For that sake, she won’t deplete the supplier till then… is that what she is thinking of?
I don’t get it. Not at all.
It is definitely strange. Abnormal.

Talking about which, I’ve heard that Murakumo has problems of mana intake.
Different from Badras and me, her efficiency of mana absorption is very low, and even the portion she draws in is unstable.
I’ve learned such data before, but is it a different case now with this “Himiko”?
If Murakumo is capable of obtaining stable mana supply, she will certainly become a dangerous opponent.

But then why is it OK if it is “Himiko”?
What’s more, “Himiko” looks like willing to provide mana herself.
Of course it is probably Mika sama’s order……but something doesn’t feel right.
I can’t quite tell why, something just makes me feel so.

A chilling wind blows through, and the fountain water ripples and expands.
Kaon’s and Himiko’s hair is waving in the air.

”The wind is getting stronger, let’s go back.”
Himiko leans closer to Murakumo.
“Just for a little longer……can I stay like this?”
“It’s not good for your health.”
“Because, I know clearly how happy I am just to stay with you like this.”
“You said so to me the other day, right? Kaon chan……I feel the same way as you, too.”

Murakumo’s face blushes scarlet, like a young maiden in love.
“Can’t I?”
“Really just for a little longer, no more, OK?”
Murakumo embraces Himiko in her arms.
Softly, gently, as if she is holding a snowflake falling from the sky.

Calm down.
While detecting the surroundings with all my five senses, I start thinking about the current situation.
“Himiko” is special to “Murakumo”.
Though the reason is unknown, it is absolutely true.
I can use it.
It will be good to abduct her.
Or to use her as a shield.
I have sensed nothing special about Himiko. She is not a Halo*, just a common girl. (* Halo: certain humans who develop super powers after receiving radiation in Seven-Day-Hot-Snow)
No matter what, I can do it.

And also, now—just in front of me.
Murakumo will definitely be shocked. Greatly.
She hasn’t even noticed my presence, just fallen completely into a dream with Himiko.
Taking this chance to ambush her, I will win for certain.
I have made such conclusion with my senses.

However, I can’t do that.
Kyoshiro will definitely not allow me to do so.
Even Himiko is a subordinate of Ayanokouji Mika, if I endanger her, again Kyoshiro will—
However, I’ll probably never encounter such a good chance again.
What should I do?
My hesitation makes my heart waver.
Though it is just a little disturbance in my mind, I shouldn’t have had it.

Just then.
Murakumo is suddenly coming towards my direction.
----Oh no!?
I jump to the air from the branches and reach the ground in front of Murakumo.
It would be horrible if she finds out the whereabouts of Kyoshiro. I will have to draw her attention away from it.

The pierce of the moon is brighter than those of the stars.
What appears behind Murakumo is a blue-armored, human shaped Absolute Angel.
The hand-blade does not excel in attacking power, but has a very good balance between offense and defense. It is a way to battle with suppressed mana.

Himiko is lifted up and protected.
Explosive mana from Murakumo is overwhelming me.
Murakumo’s eyes are shining brightly blue, like the moon that can freeze anything in the world, immersed with resolution and desire to kill.

This is bad.
It’s not a good idea to fight this Murakumo now.
My bells ring again.
”Rinken, Right hand’s sword!! Claimh Solais!!”
I form my right hand’s sword with my mana.
Even so, the power of it cannot compare to that of Murakumo’s, not to mention defeat her.
But it is enough for now, since I am not using it to battle Murakumo.
I, with my full power, knock down to the ground.
Faster than light.
I turn into the light, and then.

Part 5


(Ten seconds later, Setsuna has retreated together with Kyoshiro. As she expected, Murakumo is strong and fast, but will always prioritize Himiko’s safety above everything else. She is not pursuing them. She hides the fact that she has been slightly hurt on the back by Murakumo as she doesn’t want to burden Kyoshiro with a third supply of mana for that day. Setsuna then tells Kyoshiro about what she has seen about Kaon and Himiko. Kyoshiro is shocked but says nothing. This is the first seed planted in Kyoshiro and Setsuna’s hearts of the possibility of such human-Absolute Angel relationships. )


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